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For example, interstitial pneumonia is not very common, but if not treated correctly it can cause serSerious complications, including lung abscess and death. Therefore, when the first symptoms appear, you should definitely consult a doctor.

  • Respiratory diseases can cause many inconveniences and problems. In addition, they can be life-threatening.
  • Interstitial pneumonia is characterized by the fact that it is a complication of a pathology such as influenza.
  • This inflammation occurs in the connective tissue of the lungs.
  • Naturally, pathology is fraught with many dangers. Very dangerous are the destructive processes that begin in tissues if the disease is not treated or therapy is started very late.
  • It should be noted that this disease occurs under the influence of bystolic pills. Its development is not fleeting.

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You will have to be treated for this disease in a hospital, and for quite a long time. Diffuse in this case is seriously disturbed, the walls of the alveoli thicken. The course of the pathology is quite severe and requires mandatory hospitalization.

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There are many factors that can lead to the following. Among them are the following. A bacterial or viral infection (although not contagious). Weakness of the immune system, general fatigue. Any previous respiratory diseases from which the body did not have time to fully recover. Insufficient physical activity, which contributes to stagnation of sputum in the lungs and bronchi.

This pathology may be accompanied by other minor symptoms. Naturally, only a doctor can make an accurate diagnosis after examining and examining the patient. Stages of disease development. Interstitial pneumonia may not make itself felt for quite a long time, which is where the greatest danger lies. There are several stages of development. It usually lasts only a day and is characterized by hardening of the lungs and filling of the alveoli with exudate.

The lungs thicken even more and become red. Fibrin accumulates in the exudate, and red blood cells begin to break down. The lungs change their shade to gray-brown. The fibrous exudate begins to dissolve, and the walls of the alveoli are restored. These stages of pneumonia are characteristic of almost all types of pathology. The only difference is the duration of each stage and the severity of changes in the lungs. How to make a correct diagnosis.

It should be noted that you cannot do this yourself.

Since the examination is based on passing certain tests and using hardware technology. For example, if you suspect you have pneumonia, an x-ray will help determine the extent and extent of damage to buy bystolic online. Without this study, it is impossible to accurately diagnose. In addition, X-rays help to see other respiratory diseases that may be more dangerous and have similar symptoms (tuberculosis).

There are also such tests for pneumonia. General and biochemical blood test. It makes it possible to establish or exclude the presence of a bacterial (viral) infection in the body, which can cause the development of the disease. That is, this study helps determine the method of treatment. Tests for pneumonia such as sputum culture are also considered mandatory. Thanks to this study, the doctor will be able to determine the amount of exudate in the alveoli, as well as obtain additional information about the type of pathology and the stage of its development.


It must be said that severe pneumonia can be fraught with serious consequences.

For example, local complications are characterized by such pathologies as: pleural empyema (inflammation of the pleural layers, which is accompanied by the formation of pus), atelectasis (collapse of all or part of the lung), and abscess (inflammation of tissue with the formation of necrotic cavities). Pneumonia (X-rays are required) can contribute to the development of other pathologies. endocarditis, purulent arthritis, meningitis, nephritis, peritonitis, thrombophlebitis, brain abscess, toxic shock. That is, it can negatively affect all body systems.

Polysegmental and characteristics of pathology. There are other types of disease that are no less severe and require hospital treatment. For example, polysegmental pneumonia, which is characterized by the accumulation of exudate in the alveoli of all segments of the organ. That is, several foci of inflammation may be detected in the patient. A distinctive feature of the pathology is rapid progression. Therefore, therapy should be started immediately. Polysegmental pneumonia requires complex treatment, which can last several weeks. In the absence of nebivolol therapy, a person mayt die from pulmonary failure or other complications.

Aspiration pneumonia is a special type of inflammation that is caused not by bacteria or a virus, but by small elements of food or digestive juice that enter the bronchi from the oral cavity.

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This can happen if a person chokes. Bronchoscopy is most often used for treatment. In addition, severely ill patients may be connected to buy nebivolol pills online. Aspiration pneumonia has a positive prognosis. However, if the disease is advanced, the chances of a full recovery are reduced. Proper nutrition during treatment is very important. It should contain all the necessary micro- and macroelements that will strengthen the immune system and speed up recovery. However, the food should not be heavy. Naturally, it is necessary to support other body systems, especially the cardiovascular system, which is the first to suffer complications.

In severe cases, surgery and bronchoscopy are used. At the same time, the doctor decides whether to remove the affected and destroyed parts of the lung or whether they can be restored. Other ways to combat the disease. Interstitial pneumonia, which should be treated immediately after the first symptoms are identified, can be eliminated using physiotherapeutic and traditional methods. Naturally, this needs to be agreed with your doctor, since these methods can be complementary.